Stargazers thrilled as meteor lights up night sky – mysterious blue light and 'boom' felt

A METEOR has crashed into the countryside of Brittany creating a mysterious blue light followed by a loud “boom” sound, according to an expert.

Asteroid Bennu: NASA sheds light on near-earth object

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Several webcams installed on beaches in Brittany recorded a flash of blue light in the sky for a few seconds around 11.47 pm. News outlet France Bleu reported that the flash made “the day come back” for a few seconds at the recorded time. A was also observed in the sky off the port of Southampton, in the south of England.

There was a visible flash of light “on the side of Brest and the North Coast” of Finistère in Northern France.

The flash lasted for a number of seconds and was accompanied by a “big explosion”, according to the testimony of Gurvan Musset, director of France Bleu Breizh Izel.

French meteorologist Stéven Tual “was driving between Rennes and Saint-Brieuc” when he witnessed the phenomenon.

Speaking to FranceInfo, he said: “The night was clear and suddenly I saw an object, which really lit the sky with a green-white colour.

A meteor may have caused the bright flash in the sky

A meteor may have caused the bright flash in the sky (Image: GETTY)

“It was really spectacular.

“I witnessed the passage of a meteorite.”

The video of the meteorite shows several boats becoming visible as though they were in broad daylight.

The phenomenon was also visible in Morbihan, where the webcam at the port of Arzal showed a light crossing the sky.

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Asteroids in our solar system

Asteroids in our solar system (Image: Express)

Many people have flooded social media forums with comments about the event.

The online forums reveal many people who wish to know “the origin of this strong light”, or ” what is this explosion I heard in the sky”.

Speaking about the possible crash of the meteor Mr Musset said: “I assure you that it was impressive.”

Mr Musset claims to have seen a “big explosion”.


The untapped value of asteroids

The untapped value of asteroids (Image: Express)

He also said that he heard especially “a big noise, like something falling”.

One witness told France Bleu: “It looked like a meteorite entering the atmosphere but at low altitude in a south-east north-west axis.

“It crossed the sky for about five seconds very clear sky, the time of the passage of the ball on fire with a tail.”

Internet users have now been analysing the webcam footage from the event.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

Harry Byrne

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