Sunak on brink: Boris urged to launch search for ‘Brexiteer’ Chancellor to 'steady ship'

Boris Johnson reacts to ‘mixed’ local election results

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Following a disappointing set of results for the Conservatives at Thursday’s local elections, the Prime Minister is facing increasing internal pressure to force Mr Sunak to cut taxes, or seek out his replacement. Joseph Robertson, director of the Orthodox Conservative Group think tank, told that for the Prime Minister to weather the storm of electoral disappointment, he should “search hard for promotions” in a “narrowing pool of talent”.

With “Sunak’s position becoming increasingly tenuous, we have to start exploring possible alternatives”, some have looked to policing minister Kit Malthouse as Mr Sunak’s successor.

But despite Mr Malthouse’s name bouncing around, his “shaky (at best) record on getting Brexit done” is likely to dash his hopes of clinching No 11.

Mr Robertson told “He is unlikely to be the cash-savvy British lion that Boris needs to restore balance to No 11.

“Back under May, Malthouse was the one to provide the aptly nicknamed ‘Malthouse Compromise’ when warring factions sought different levels of settlement on the issue of the Northern Ireland backstop.”

boris rishi

Mr Sunak’s position is becoming ‘more tenuous’ said Mr Robertson (Image: Getty)

boris kit malthouse

Some have looked to policing minister Kit Malthouse as Mr Sunak’s successor (Image: Getty)

Mr Robertson described the policing minister as a “compromiser” who does not “fit the mould” of a potential Chancellor.

Malthouse was not one of “the Spartans who were stridently pursuing a hard Brexit,” and will therefore lose out to “Boris’s recent appetite for promoting hardline Brexiteers in the post-Partygate environment”.

Mr Robertson then pointed to a surprising candidate who may come out from the wings to replace Mr Sunak.

He said: “A more likely suitor to the role of Chancellor would be someone like Kwasi Kwarteng, who has been quietly doing his bit to revive business in the post-pandemic economy.

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local elections

The Tories had a disappointing local elections night (Image: PA)

“With more of a focus on restoring British economic output, he might be what the cabinet needs in a narrowing pool of talent to restore some level-headed business sense to internal economy.”

But to “steady the ship” for the Conservatives after scandals and significant blows at Thursday’s local council elections, Boris Johnson must concentrate on a “gold standard” Cabinet the public can have confidence in.

Mr Robertson argued: “With a disconnect from the needs of the people, Johnson needs to search hard for promotions that will bring back the gold-standard, unselfish conservatism the British public so badly needs to balance the books and steady the ship.”

Following the stinging election results for the ruling party, Tory grandees have increased the volume of calls to reverse last month’s national insurance hike.


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kwasi kwarteng

Mr Robertson: ‘A more likely suitor to the role of Chancellor would be someone like Kwasi Kwarteng’ (Image: Getty)

The Conservatives took a punishing hit of 400 council seats across England, losing the party’s grip on Westminster and Wandsworth to the opposition.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith said taxes must be slashed to win voters back after the ‘partygate’ scandal and the pain felt in UK households as the cost of living increases.

The former Tory leader told Times Radio: The Government now has got to bite the bullet on this one and accept the fact we cannot both tighten monetary policy and fiscal policy at the same time, because that is hurting people.

“We need to cut taxes to give people more room to ride out the shock of the cost of living crisis.

“The Treasury has been wrong on its demand that it has to have National Insurance rise.

“We don’t need to raise National Insurance and we should cut that.

“We need a Chancellor that will do these things and therefore it’s up to [the] Government as to how that’s delivered.”

William Murphy

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