Taliban to 'bookend' US failure in Afghanistan with 'another major hit the likes of 9/11'

TALIBAN commanders will “bookend” the US defeat in Afghanistan with “another major hit on the likes of 9/11,” a Tory MP has forecast.

Tory MP says following USA in Afghanistan is a ‘massive strategic error’

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Tory MP Tobias Ellwood has expressed concern the west could face a terrorist attack on the scale of the September 11 attacks after Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. Mr Ellwood told Sky News the decision of the UK and US to pull forces out of the country was a “massive strategic error.” It comes as the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan collapsed in the face of a rapid advance by Taliban forces, leading to the dramatic fall of Kabul on Sunday.

Mr Ellwood told Sky News: “The folly of our decision to follow the United States I simply do not comprehend.

“This is a massive strategic error and the long-term consequences of this we will regret.

“We are not just gifting this country to the very adversities we entered Afghanistan to defeat in the first place.

“But we are actually seeing terrorist organisations now regroup and return back to their havens in the country itself.”

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Afghanistan is a ‘massive strategic error’ warns Tory MP Tobias Ellwood

Afghanistan is a ‘massive strategic error’ warns Tory MP Tobias Ellwood (Image: Sky News)

Afghanistan: Taliban fighters man a checkpoint in Kabul following the rapid capture of the capital

Afghanistan: Taliban fighters man a checkpoint in Kabul following the rapid capture of the capital (Image: Getty)

Mr Ellwood fears terrorist groups will use Afghanistan as a base from which to launch attacks against the west.

He warned of a potential future terrorist attack like that suffered by the United States on September 11, 2001.

The MP continued: “And really I predict another major it on the west on the likes of 9/11/

“Because the terrorist groups will want to bookend our time in Afghanistan to show how futile the last two decades have been.”

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It comes as former Royal Marine Paul Farthing broke down in tears on GMB as the former soldier blasted the US and UK for allowing the collapse of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Mr Farthing told GMB: “What is happening in Afghanistan today is an absolute travesty.

“The US, the UK are now giving the world a masterclass in how to completely ruin a country.

“And just create a humanitarian crisis.


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Afghanistan: Taliban held territory mapped

Afghanistan: Taliban held territory mapped (Image: EXPRESS)

“The scenes at Kabul airport last night were just absolutely terrifying.”

Speaking from Kabul, He added: “We can’t, even if there was a flight to get people out of Afghanistan right now, we could not travel to the airport.

“The Taliban control the city now, they won’t let you travel across the city.

“Unless you have a letter of permission from them to do so, we have absolutely made a mess of this country.”

William Murphy

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