‘The game is up’ Blackford call for Scottish independence brutally slammed by Tory MP

Tories slam Blackford’s call for Scottish independence

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Ian Blackford faced a harsh call for reality from Tory MPs as he launched a tirade for Scottish independence in an address to Parliament. The SNP Westminster leader condemned the Conservative government and continued his fierce argument for independent Scottish governance. Mr Blackford raged: “We know the price we pay with the Prime Minister and the price of being stuck with a Tory government we didn’t vote for.

“It’s a price none of us in Scotland, not one of us, can afford to pay any longer.”

But Conservative MP Andrew Bowie slammed the claims of Mr Blackford as he highlighted the lack of Scottish support for a second referendum.

Mr Bowie said: “I thank the right honourable gentleman for giving way and I’d like to ask him a direct question.

“How does it feel, eight years after Scotland so conclusively said ‘No’ to separation, that the pro-independence parties are still getting the same proportion of votes they achieved eight years ago, despite everything that’s been thrown at us?

“When will the right honourable gentleman admit that the game is up?”

Ian Blackford

Ian Blackford persisted in his demand for a second Scottish independence referendum (Image: Screengrab Parliament TV)


Tory MP Andrew Bowie highlighted the stagnation in Scottish support for the SNP (Image: Screengrab Parliament TV)

Mr Blackford refuted the argument of the Tory representative.

The SNP leader proclaimed: “If the game is up for anybody or any party, then the game is up for the Tory party and the game is up for the union.

“I say to him that he needs to reflect on the fact that the SNP has won the last eleven elections, as I said.

“We went to the public and we asked for a mandate to have an independence referendum.”

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Ian Blackford proclaimed the Westminster government had infringed the rights of Scottish people (Image: GETTY)


Mr Blackford hailed the success of the SNP in Scottish elections (Image: GETTY)

Mr Blackford continued: “I would ask the honourable members opposite to reflect very carefully because when we consider the first past the post elections for the Scottish Parliament last year, we won 62 of the 73 seats.

“There is, Mr Speaker, a pro-independence majority in the Scottish Parliament.

“We hear in the Queen’s speech today about respect and democracy – why are the Scottish Conservatives and those in London denying democracy for the people in Scotland?

“How many times do the people of Scotland have to elect the SNP in government and Wesminster says no.”

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Mr Blackford argued the majority of Scotland is strictly pro-independence (Image: GETTY)

The SNP Westminster leader continued to denounce the Westminster restrictions placed on the “sovereign right” of the Scottish people to hold a second referendum.

The SNP pledged to deliver a further independence referendum to Scotland once the Covid pandemic subsided, despite the 2014 decision to remain part of the UK.

The party has declared a second vote is needed for Scotland in light of Brexit.

Despite the SNP’s fierce cries for another referendum, recent polling data suggests only one third of Scots would support a second referendum vote on independence.

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