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Brace yourself for 22 years of the stock market going in circles

Mark Hulbert’s monthly review of stock-market valuation indicators. Read More

Why you should think twice before betting that stocks will have a rough September

The ‘September effect’ doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. Read More

S&P 500’s technical indicators keep flashing green

How to trade the Russell 2000. Read More

Not every stock is in a bubble. Here’s how to find today’s bargains and tomorrow’s winners

Look for high-quality companies, one stock at a time. Read More

Why stock market bulls may be right to push valuations so high

Investor sentiment right now doesn’t indicate a frothy market. Read More

These 20 ‘left behind’ stocks among the S&P 500 are expected to rise up to 59% over 12 months

During a third banner year for the stock market, there are some surprises among the small number of stocks that are down for 2021. Read More

The S&P 500 will keep going up this fall — for these 9 reasons

Despite chatter of a stock-market top, there is no proof a correction is “overdue”. Read More

What happens when companies cater to customers, reward employees and partner with suppliers? Investors profit.

CEO pledge may have put shareholders last, but being model corporate citizens is good business. Read More

Investors are taking hard-to-ignore inflation `seriously’ when it comes to their portfolios

Results of a survey by E*Trade Financial Holdings show that some are considering investing in stocks sensitive to higher interest rates, even though most regard the current wave of inflation as transitory. Read More

Here’s how to interpret that drop in the Russell 2000 below the 200-day moving average

Many stock-market technicians believe this could signal a shift to a bearish trend for small-caps — are they right? Mark Hulbert runs the numbers. Read More

These 15 stocks of retailers are expected to rise up to 97% over the next year

Amazon is one of five that also make the list of those retailers expected to increase sales the fastest. Read More

After struggling with substance abuse, this financial adviser found a mentor who helped him rescue his career

‘I was completely broke but I had found someone who believed in me.’ Read More

This financial adviser helps people rebound from hard times. She knows what that’s like

‘We shed the shame and embarrassment so that it’s all about the future,’ financial adviser Stacie Rasmussen tells clients. Read More

Why inflation isn’t higher even though money is flooding the economy

The relationship between the money supply and inflation isn’t as simple as many investors believe. Read More

How to extend your life by as much as two years

The correlation between working longer and health Read More

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