'This looks like China!' Fox News host slams Germany as President Biden cosies up to EU

GERMANY has been slammed by Fox News host Laura Ingraham over a crackdown on anti-lockdown demonstrations earlier this week.

US: Fox News host criticises European-style lockdowns

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham has likened Germany‘s crackdown of anti-lockdown protestors in Berlin this week to the actions of the Chinese State. Demonstrations against Angela Merkel’s Covid measures were broken up by German police on Sunday leading Ingraham to draw comparisons with China and Hong Kong. The Fox News host was also joined by former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to discuss President Joe Biden’s calls for a European style of lockdown.

Ingraham told Fox News: “In Germany, they are now banned from even protesting Covid dictates.

“But thousands still showed up in Berlin to voice their anger anyway.

“Here is how they were met,” she added before quoting from the Guardian newspaper: “‘After the participants did not heed orders to abide by hygiene rules, police used pepper spray and truncheons to break up the crowds.'”

“600 were arrested, sounds like China and Hong Kong.”

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Germany slammed by Fox New host over lockdown protest crackdown

Germany slammed by Fox New host over lockdown protest crackdown (Image: Getty)

Fox News host Laura Ingraham criticises European-style lockdowns

Fox News host Laura Ingraham criticises European-style lockdowns (Image: Fox News)

Fox News contributor Pompeo added: “There’s scant evidence that these kind of lockdowns do a whole lot of good and we know they’re doing an enormous amount of damage to the economy and to the mental health of the people that live there.

“It upsets me when I see Democrat governors and even Democrats in Washington, D.C., who want to head down that path, who want to go back to lockdowns, back to the kind of things that we tried – right, it was 15 days to stop the spread?

“The right answer was to give people good information, sound information, truthful information.

“Let them make their own decisions for themselves.”

Germany: Protesters clash with police in Berlin

It comes as one senior MEP suggested the EU is starting to resemble a “concentration camp” after a 49-year-old protestor died after being detained in Berlin.

Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes told Express.co.uk: “The death of a person who protested for freedom and liberty in the custody of German police is more proof that, far from an area of liberty, the EU is fast becoming a concentration camp run by bureaucrats which, in fact, disregard fundamental human rights and freedoms.”

German authorities have launched an inquiry into the man’s death which occurred following Sunday’s demonstrations.

Mr Terhes added: “The EU is great at pointing the finger at foreign regime human rights abusers but their opposition to police brutality within the EU is next to non-existent.


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Angela Merkel: A timeline

Angela Merkel: A timeline (Image: EXPRESS)

“After the abusive measures imposed on Europeans by the EU and many national governments, it is normal that people would protest to defend and regain their rights.

“The protests are just, therefore the European Commission must stop the hypocrisy and playing politics with people’s rights and must castigate police brutality in EU states like Germany, Belgium and Spain as well.

“Police brutality against the anti-restrictions protesters is a real threat to human rights in the EU.”

Further demonstrations are expected to sweep across the bloc as member states consider the toughening of coronavirus decrees.

William Murphy

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