Top 5 EV launches under Rs 40 lakh in 2024

By Riju Mehta & Rohit Shah

Tata Punch EV

TATA HAS INTRODUCED its first offering on its new Acti.EV platform. Punch EV is an all-electric version featuring a refreshed fascia to match Nexon’s styling. Other exterior revisions include updated tail lights and aerodynamically designed alloy wheels. Changes to the cabin include a two-spoke steering wheel, revised dashboard layout, and a new touch-enabled climate control panel. It gets a 10.25-inch touchscreen, 10.25-inch digital driver’s display, ventilated front seats, six airbags, and a 360 degree camera. Safety tech includes electronic stability control and an electronic parking brake with auto-hold.

punch ev

Is it worth buying?
Yes. It offers impressive features and electric powertrain for an entry-level EV, with modern design and claimed range of up to 421 km.

Price range

Rs.11-15.5 lakh

Launch: 17 January 2024


Rs.625 (25 kWh)

Rs.875 (35 kWh)


25 kWh; 35 kWh


321 km (MR); 421 km (LR)

Citroen C3X EV

THE UPCOMING C3X crossover sedan is set to arrive in an electric version, incorporating design revisions to differentiate itself from the standard model. It will still feature a coupe-like roofline with EV-specific differences, especially at the front. It is also expected to be based on the same platform as the C3X and C3 Aircross SUV. While details are limited, it is expected to boast a larger battery pack of around 44 kWh and a more robust electric motor. You can expect similar equipment set as the regular C3X, including a 10.2-inch touchscreen, digital driver’s display, up to six airbags, and a reversing camera. It could be an alternative to Tata Curvv EV.

citzoen 3vx

Is it worth waiting for?
Maybe. If you’re looking for a well-styled crossover EV with price below `20 lakh, it could be a good choice.

Expected price range

Rs.15-20 lakh

Expected launch: September


Rs.1,100 (44kWh)

BATTERY PACK (expected)

44 kWh

CLAIMED RANGE (expected)

Up to 350 km

Tata Curvv EV

TATA CURVV EV marks the introduction of a fresh model from the Indian automaker. It will have a similar design language as Tata’s current electric SUVs, Nexon EV and Punch EV, which have a long LED DRL strip up front, triangular housing for headlights and connected LED tail lights. Its cabin could offer minimalist appeal, highlighted by dual digital displays for infotainment and driver’s display. Positioned between Nexon EV and Harrier EV, this electric compact SUV is expected to share key features with its Tata siblings, including a big touchscreen infotainment unit (possibly 12.3 inch unit from Nexon EV), touch-based climate control, and ADAS features. The Curvv EV is likely to be offered with multiple battery packs: 30 kWh and 40.5 kWh.

Tata Curvv Eve

Is it worth waiting for?
Yes. It is Tata’s first coupe SUV and an all-electric offering with a claimed range of over 500 km, making it an enticing option. It’s also worth the wait if you want coupe-like styling for Tata SUV, as the Curvv EV will hit the market before the ICE version.

Expected price range

Rs.20-25 lakh

Expected launch: April


Rs.750 (30 kWh)

Rs.1,013(40.5 kWh)

BATTERY PACK (expected)

30 kWh; 40.5 kWh

CLAIMED RANGE (expected)

Over 500 km

Maruti Suzuki eVX

MARUTI WILL BRING out its first electric vehicle, eVX, by late 2024. Test mules of this electric SUV have been sighted a few times, indicating it’s close to being productionready. Design highlights include sleek headlights and LED DRLs, muscular wheel arches, and connected LED taillights. Inside, the Maruti EV will have a minimalist layout, while the integrated screens will take centrestage. Expected features for the electric compact SUV include a power-adjustable driver’s seat, 360 degree camera, auto climate control, and a panoramic sunroof. Maruti is likely to fill the safety net with six airbags, ESC, and some advanced driver assistance features, such as blind spot monitoring and auto emergency braking. The Maruti eVX is expected to feature a 60 kWh battery pack, and will be capable of offering both front-wheel drive and AWD systems.

maruthi suzuki evx

Is it worth waiting for?
Yes. It is Maruti’s first all-electric offering, which will have a good claimed range, multiple modern features, and will be supported by an expansive service network. Also, its expected pricing could make it a better value-for-money offering compared to some of its prime rivals.

Expected price range

Rs.22-28 lakh

Expected launch: December


Rs.1,500 (60 kWh)

BATTERY PACK (expected)

60 kWh

CLAIMED RANGE (expected)

Up to 550 km

Mahindra XUV.e8

MAHINDRA’S HIGHLY SOUGHT-AFTER mid-sized SUV, XUV700, is poised to be introduced as an all-electric version, XUV.e8. It’s expected to be available with two battery pack options, ranging between 60 kWh and 80 kWh, while buyers may also have the choice of a dual-motor all-wheel drivetrain (AWD). The XUV.e8 will be the first offering from Mahindra’s new line of EVs based on the purpose-built INGLO platform. Its exterior styling will bear resemblance to the regular XUV700, but will have a closed-off grille for its electric nature. Inside, the cabin is expected to remain mostly unchanged, save for the addition of a third screen for the front passenger. As a result, XUV.e8 will have an integrated screen set-up spanning the width of the dashboard. It’s likely to be offered in both two- and three-row configurations like the XUV700.


Is it worth waiting for?
Yes. If you’ve been waiting for a Mahindra EV with all the bells and whistles of the XUV700, consider waiting for it. The choice of an AWD set-up will only sweeten the deal.

Expected price range

Rs.35-40 lakh

Expected launch: End of 2024


Rs.1,500 (60 kWh)

Rs.2,000 (80 kWh)

BATTERY PACK (expected)

60 kWh; 80 kWh

CLAIMED RANGE (expected)

Up to 450 km

Other EVs up to Rs.40 lakh expected in 2024


Note: The cost per charge varies widely for different public charging stations in Delhi. An average per unit cost of Rs.25 has been considered for public charging through Tata Power, in Delhi.

Note:All expected prices are estimates based on industry information and are intended to be ex-showroom, Delhi. All launches are for 2024. All estimated mileage figures are based on similar data available for previous iteration or data related to figures for international model. All expected launch timelines are tentative based on information available at the time of publishing and are likely to change.

Petrol price in Delhi on 5 Feb 2024: Rs.96.7/litre; Diesel price: Rs.89.6/litre; CNG price: Rs.76.6/kg | All calculations (running cost, loan EMI, resale) are based on expected prices and mileage, and are indicative. Figures have been rounded off. | Running cost is calculated for 30 km/day for a month. | Loan EMI is calculated for a 5-year loan, 80% financed at 10%. | Expected resale value after 3 years is calculated by considering the depreciated car price that is 65% of the original price. | All images are for representational purposes only and the final model on sale may differ from what has been showcased here. | MT: Manual transmission; AMT: Automated manual transmission; NA: Naturally aspirated; AT: Automatic transmission; DCT: Dual clutch transmission; CVT: Continuously variable transmission.

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