Want to cut your broadband bills? THIS is the best cheap internet deal around right now

WANT A cheap broadband deal that will drop your monthly bills? We’ve scoured far and wide, and it’s tough to beat this stellar deal from TalkTalk – if you’re quick enough to buy before the deadline.

best cheap broadband deal around right now uk price

Need to cut your monthly bills? TalkTalk just launched a phenomenal deal with a generous £80 freebie (Image: GETTY)

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Looking for the ultimate broadband bargain? TalkTalk has unleashed a new deal that its closest rivals – BT, Sky, Virgin Media, EE and Plusnet – cannot match. If you want to reduce your monthly bills without having to sit while everything buffers, this is the deal for you. You’ll be able to secure download speeds of 66Mbps for £20 a month, plus TalkTalk will give you an £80 voucher to spend on Amazon, Tesco, M&S, or anywhere that accepts Mastercard, which is basically… everywhere. The only problem? TalkTalk’s immense broadband deal ends January 26, so you’ve only got a few days left to secure the incredible discount.

This brilliant broadband deal comes courtesy of TalkTalk in partnership with Broadband Genie. As such, it’s only by going via the broadband comparison website that you’ll be able to unlock the £80 voucher to spend with Amazon, Tesco, and M&S.

Interestingly, with its current crop of deals, TalkTalk has also reduced the cost of its Fibre 35 and Fibre 65 bundles down to the same price – with both costing £20 a month. Since both of these bundles cost the same amount each month – and neither comes with an upfront cost – it makes sense for everyone to opt for the fastest package. As well as speedier downloads, the Fibre 65 bundle comes with a more generous £80 voucher, compared with £60 for those who plump for the Fibre 35 (with its average download speeds of 38Mbps).

So, how does the competition stack up?

Well, Plusnet is charging £23.95 a month for the same 66Mbps speeds as the TalkTalk Fibre 65 bundle. Like TalkTalk, it has dropped the set-up fee and includes a £70 voucher. So you’ll get the same speeds for less money each month and a bigger voucher. BT is currently charging £27.99 a month for its slower 50Mbps download speeds.

In fact, the only deal that comes close is Vodafone’s Big Winter sale, which sees its slightly speedier 73Mbps broadband plan drop to £20 a month. Like TalkTalk, there’s no upfront cost. But unfortunately, there’s no free voucher to spend at Amazon or M&S either (if you want a buffer-free connection at home, Vodafone is offering 100Mbps connection – that’s around 30Mbps faster than the average broadband speed in the UK – for only £3 more each month).

TalkTalk’s current batch of deals will end January 26, 2022. So, if you want to secure one of these incredible discounts – and with record price rises coming for broadband customers across the UK in the next few weeks – you’ll need to act quickly.

William Murphy

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