WATCH: SA elections and the sea of uncertainty facing citizens and investors alike

An insightful discussion on the upcoming 2024 general elections in South Africa.

With the ANC facing the very real possibility of losing its majority and the looming question of a coalition government at a national level, it’s crucial to understand the implications of the ANC’s decline.

Jason Swartz, portfolio manager at Old Mutual Investment Group, outlines the market impact of the likely scenarios of the post-election environment, while independent socio-political commentator Khaya Sithole offers a broader perspective on voter sentiment and the overarching national implications of these scenarios.

Watch this recording to discover why this election is pivotal for South Africa and local markets as Swartz and Sithole delve into topics such as market performance, sovereign ratings, and potential implications such as greylisting and an increasingly unstable political outlook.

Gain insights into potential election outcomes and the market impact, including scenarios of varying levels of a dip below the 50% mark for the ANC and the coalitions that could subsequently play out.

Explore the dynamics of potential coalition scenarios and their impact on key issues like infrastructure spending, state-owned enterprises (SOEs), and climate change initiatives, and uncover the challenges and opportunities within the various coalition government scenarios.

Lastly, the discussion assesses South Africa’s investment appeal pre- and post-election, considering the resilience of various sectors amid the uncertainty surrounding these elections. Join the conversation on factors shaping the country’s attractiveness to investors.


More on the guests:

Jason Swartz

Portfolio manager, Old Mutual Investment Group

Swartz is an experienced strategist and portfolio manager, currently responsible for the tactical asset allocation capability of Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (South Africa) Limited’s policyholder and shareholder assets. He joined Old Mutual Investment Group as a strategist in 2019.

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Khaya Sithole

Independent socio-political commentator

Sithole is a chartered accountant, activist and academic. He writes and tweets on matters of politics, economics, finance and social justice. In his spare time, he deals with spreadsheets for various clients in the consulting arena.

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